Fernando Corbató has died
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  • Corbató is recognized as helping to create the first computer password. - en.wikipedia.org
  • “Corby was one of the most important researchers for making computing available to many people for many purposes,” says long-time colleague Tom Van Vleck. - www.csail.mit.edu
  • “Other people had proposed the idea of time-sharing before,” says Jerry Saltzer, who worked on CTSS with Corbató after starting out as his teaching assistant. - www.csail.mit.edu
  • “It’s no overstatement to say that Corby’s work on time-sharing fundamentally transformed computers as we know them today,” says CSAIL director Daniela Rus. - www.csail.mit.edu
  • The following year MIT invited several hundred programmers to campus to try out the system, spurring a flurry of further research on time-sharing. - www.csail.mit.edu
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IBM snags AT&T as client in new cloud deal worth ‘billions’
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  • The partnership marks IBM's first publicly announced deal since it closed its $34 billion acquisition of open-source software firm Red Hat last week. - www.cnbc.com
  • IBM has signed a major cloud deal with AT&T worth “billions” of dollars. - www.cnbc.com
  • The company announced Tuesday that it signed a multiyear agreement with AT&T enabling the carrier to host its business applications on the IBM Cloud. - www.cnbc.com
  • The partnership marks IBM’s first publicly announced deal since it closed its $34 billion acquisition of open-source software firm Red Hat last week. - www.cnbc.com

KeyCorp shares fall after the bank uncovers $90 million fraud by payrolls processor
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  • Shares of KeyCorp fell Tuesday after the regional bank disclosed fraudulent activity that could cost the company up to $90 million. - www.cnbc.com
  • Cleveland-based KeyCorp said in an 8-K filing the fraud involves a "business customer" and was discovered "on or about" July 9. - www.cnbc.com
  • The customer in question is Interlogic Outsourcing, a payrolls processing company based in Elkhart, Indiana - www.cnbc.com
  • On July 9, KeyBank filed a lawsuit against Interlogic claiming the payments processor “fraudulently initiated wire transfers.” - www.cnbc.com
  • “The Company is working with the appropriate law enforcement authorities in connection with this matter,” KeyCorp said in the filing. - www.cnbc.com

McDonald’s adds DoorDash as new delivery partner, ending exclusivity with UberEats
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  • McDonald’s is adding DoorDash as a delivery partner. - www.cnbc.com
  • Since 2017, the fast food giant has used UberEats as its exclusive delivery provider. - www.cnbc.com
  • Shares of Uber dropped less than 1% in afternoon trading Tuesday. - www.cnbc.com

Ikea is closing its only US factory and moving production to Europe
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  • In justifying its decision, Ikea pointed to raw material prices, which it said are higher in the United States than Europe. - www.cnn.com
  • Ikea is shutting down its only furniture factory in the United States. - www.cnn.com
  • The Swedish company will end production this December at its plant in Danville, Virginia. - www.cnn.com
  • The Danville facility, which opened in 2008, employs 300 workers. - www.cnn.com

Colorado abuse hotline emails went unchecked for 4 years
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  • A Colorado state email account that was created to report suspected child abuse and neglect went unchecked for over four years. - apnews.com
  • The state set up a child abuse and neglect telephone hotline in 2015, and created an email account to support it but later changed the email address. - apnews.com
  • When the account was discovered in May, there were 321 emails in the inbox. Of those, 104 “expressed concerns of child abuse or neglect,” Castillo-Cohen said. - apnews.com
  • Officials determined five cases needed immediate attention, and they are now being addressed. - apnews.com

New Jersey cop who overdosed on heroin in patrol car while on duty loses job
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  • Matthew D. Ellery, 29, admitted in court Friday that he drove under the influence and was in possession of heroin, authorities said. - www.nbcnews.com
  • Ellery pleaded guilty in superior court Friday to possession of heroin and driving while intoxicated. - www.nbcnews.com
  • Ellery is scheduled to be sentenced in Superior Court in Somerville on Aug 23, 2019. - www.nbcnews.com

Alan Turing will be the new face of the Bank of England's £50 note
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  • Computer pioneer and codebreaker Alan Turing will feature on the new design of the Bank of England's £50 note. - www.bbc.com
  • The £50 note will be the last of the Bank of England collection to switch from paper to polymer when it enters circulation by the end of 2021. - www.bbc.com
  • "Alan Turing was an outstanding mathematician whose work has had an enormous impact on how we live today," said Bank of England governor Mark Carney. - www.bbc.com
  • The Bank said his legacy continued to have an impact on science and society today. - www.bbc.com
  • The new £50 Turing note will enter circulation by the end of 2021, Mr Carney announced at the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester. - www.bbc.com
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U.S. suicide rates are the highest they've been since World War II
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  • The opioid epidemic may harm entire communities’ mental health, Miron says. - time.com
  • His second theory is that social media may be contributing to rising suicide rates, particularly for young people. - time.com
  • U.S. suicide rates are at their highest since World War II, according to federal data - time.com
  • The opioid crisis, widespread social media use and high rates of stress may be contributing factors. - time.com
  • In 2017, 14 out of every 100,000 Americans died by suicide - time.com
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The number of cases of children entering the foster care system due to parental drug use has more than doubled since 2000
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  • Following more than a decade of mostly decline, U.S. foster care cases started increasing again in 2012, according to the AFCARS data. - www.npr.org
  • Between 2012 and 2017, the number of children entering foster care increased by 8% overall, according to the JAMA Pediatrics study. - www.npr.org


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