U.S. Army releases training manuals as Audiobooks
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  • The United States Army has released two training manuals as audiobooks that are freely accessible to the public. - www.slashgear.com
  • CADD has released audiobook versions of a pair of training manuals as part of an experiment to see if it’s an effective medium to spread information to soldiers - www.theverge.com
  • US Army’s first two audiobooks are free to the public - www.slashgear.com
  • CADD is responsible for developing and distributing Army doctrine. - www.theverge.com

john - 1 month, 2 weeks ago
To be honest, I'm really surprised that they've made it this far. I don't see this working out well for MoviePass in the end. Especially since, movie theater chains have started creating their own competing apps like AMC A-List.
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kyle - 1 month, 2 weeks ago
Yeah, and this outage doesn't exactly inspire confidence.
MoviePass temporarily shuts down
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  • The service shut down on July 4th at 5AM ET, and MoviePass has not announced when it will come back online. - www.theverge.com
  • MovePass ran out of money and had to borrow $5 million to keep running. - www.slashfilm.com
  • Subscribers will also be automatically credited for the downtime once the service is back online. - www.theverge.com

Stranger Things season 3 released
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  • While these plot dynamics aren’t especially original, they’re done extremely well because of the twists provided by the show’s supernatural horror. - www.theverge.com
  • Throughout the season, the Duffers make it clear that they aren’t trying to run away from the show’s roots. - www.theverge.com

Mitchell Feigenbaum has died
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  • Mitchell J. Feigenbaum died in New York City on June 30, 2019 at the age of 74. - www.rockefeller.edu
  • He was a member of the Board of Scientific Governors at The Scripps Research Institute. - en.wikipedia.org
  • He was was an American mathematical physicist whose pioneering studies in chaos theory led to the discovery of the Feigenbaum constants. - en.wikipedia.org
  • Feigenbaum was the Toyota Professor and director of the Center for Studies in Physics and Biology at Rockefeller University. - www.rockefeller.edu
  • In 1983, he was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship, and in 1986, he was awarded the Wolf Prize in Physics - en.wikipedia.org

Southern California hit by earthquake
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  • A second 7.1 magnitude earthquake occured on July 6th, 2019. - www.nytimes.com
  • A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck Southern California on July 4th, 2019. - www.latimes.com
  • LA Mayor Eric Garcetti said the city experienced "no significant damage." - twitter.com
  • Los Angeles International Airport released a statement saying all runways were inspected with no reported damage to the airfield or the Sepulveda tunnel. - twitter.com
  • Centered in a remote desert area some 150 miles northeast of Los Angeles, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. - www.npr.org
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john - 1 month, 2 weeks ago
This is great news. I know a lot of people hated the new keyboards (especially some MacBook Pro users). I do wonder how much this announcement has to do with Jony Ive leaving recently. It's quite the coincidence.
Amazon can be held liable for third-party seller products
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  • Amazon may be liable under products liability laws for defective products sold by third-party vendors, a federal appeals court has ruled. - www.law.com
  • Numerous other courts, including two federal appeals courts, have held that Amazon cannot be held liable as a seller of products from third-party vendors. - www.reuters.com
  • The ruling arrived via the 3rd U.S. City Court of Appeals in Philadelphia, running counter to a past lower court ruling that had come out in Amazon’s favor. - techcrunch.com

john - 1 month, 2 weeks ago
Yeah, I think a big reason that Debian isn't as popular is mainly due to its resistance to include any non-free software by default. Although, I'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult for downstream projects to just active the non-free stuff. The Debian installer also leaves a lot to be desired though.
Linux Mint 20 to drop support for 32-bit systems
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  • Linux Mint 20 will only be able to be released in 64-bit. - blog.linuxmint.com
  • Linux Mint 19.x is already available in 32-bit and it can be used until 2023. - blog.linuxmint.com
  • Ubuntu (which Linux Mint is based on) will also be dropping 32-bit support in its 19.10 release. - news.hoxly.com
  • Linux Mint has confirmed plans to drop support for 32-bit release in the near future - www.omgubuntu.co.uk

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