Google plans to deprecate FTP URL support in Chrome
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  • Post deprecation, Google Chrome will fail to resolve or recognize ftp:// URLs. Instead the browser will attempt to invoke the default handler for ftp:// URLs as -
  • Chrome Platform Status -

TabNine: Autocompletion with deep learning
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  • We’re adding a deep learning model which significantly improves suggestion quality. -
  • The model also uses documentation written in natural language to infer function names, parameters, and return types: -
  • In the past, many users said they wished TabNine came with pre-existing knowledge, instead of looking only at the user’s current project. -
  • Deep TabNine requires a lot of computing power: running the model on a laptop would not deliver the low latency that TabNine’s users have come to expect. -
  • So we are offering a service that will allow you to use TabNine’s servers for GPU-accelerated autocompletion. -
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