YouTube Further Expands Censorship on Its Platform
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ThomasPaine - 2 months, 1 week ago
Not long after YouTube expanded their "hate speech" boycott and began demonetizing video channels for "harassment," many Twitter users pushed the hashtag #youtubeisoverparty to the top of the site's trending list. "We will no longer allow content that maliciously insults someone based on protected attributes such as their race, gender expression, or sexual orientation," YouTube Vice President and Global Head of Trust and Safety Matt Halprin declared on Wednesday.
Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro called the new rules "insanely vague," on Fox News, "Read in the most charitable way, this could simply be attempting to get rid of Nazi content, for example. But the language is far too broad to be restricted this way."
The Organizer of the #WalkAway movement, Brandon Straka, told Fox, "Though targeted harassment and bullying is something all people should be able to agree has no place in the arena of public discourse, sadly this ideal is rarely upheld when conservative opinions are being targeted by leftist bullying and harassment"


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