A sunken Soviet nuclear submarine is leaking unusually high levels of radiation
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  • "The levels we detected were clearly above what is normal in the oceans, but they weren't alarmingly high," expedition leader Hilde Elise Heldal. - us.cnn.com
  • A sunken Soviet nuclear submarine is leaking an abnormally high amount of radiation, according to the Institute for Marine Research. - us.cnn.com
  • The institute says the leak poses no risk to people or fish. - us.cnn.com
  • Water samples from near the sub contained 800,000 times the normal amount of caesium. - us.cnn.com

kyle - 5 months ago
Just a friendly reminder that nobody really knows how many unexploded atomic bombs are left on the ocean floor from the cold war. It's estimated it could be upwards of 50. Sleep well tonight :/.



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