Pinebook Pro available for pre-order on July 25, 2019
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  • Pinebook Pro pre-orders start July 25, 2019 -
  • It will offer hardware switches to toggle Bluetooth/Wifi, Webcam, and Microphone. -
  • Initially the Pinebook Pro will support Linux, Chromium OS, and Android. -
  • It will support installing and runing regular Linux applications on Chromium OS pretty much as if they were native Linux applications. -
  • Pine64, the US-based company behind a growing range of ARM-powered Linux devices, say PineBook preorders will go live July 25, 2019. -
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john - 5 months ago
A while back I was looking for a cheap laptop to take while on vacation. Historically, I've purchased a cheap Chromebook for the task, but I think this might also work well.

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