Apple suspends program that let its employees listen to your Siri recordings
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  • Apple said it will suspend a program that allowed its staff to listen to conversations people have had with the Siri voice assistant. -
  • Google and Amazon let you review and delete everything you've asked their voice assistants. -
  • Apple called it “grading,” used for improving the accuracy of Siri’s voice recognition. -

A Quarter of Humanity Faces Looming Water Crises
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  • By 2030, the number of cities in the extremely high stress category is expected to rise to 45 and include nearly 470 million people. -
  • For Bangalore, a couple of years of paltry rains revealed how badly the city has managed its water. -

Linux Mint 20 to drop support for 32-bit systems
6 months, 2 weeks ago by john | 4 facts | 1 comments | 14 votes

  • Linux Mint 20 will only be able to be released in 64-bit. -
  • Linux Mint 19.x is already available in 32-bit and it can be used until 2023. -
  • Ubuntu (which Linux Mint is based on) will also be dropping 32-bit support in its 19.10 release. -
  • Linux Mint has confirmed plans to drop support for 32-bit release in the near future -

Facebook fined $5 billion by FTC
6 months, 1 week ago by kyle | 7 facts | 1 comments | 10 votes

  • The Federal Trade Commission announced a settlement with Facebook over the company’s 2018 Cambridge Analytica scandal. -
  • Facebook was anticipating anywhere from a $3 billion to $5 billion fine -
  • FTC voted along party lines, with three Republican commissioners voting in favor of the settlement and two Democratic commissioners voting against it. -
  • The FTC began probing Facebook in March 2018 following reports Cambridge Analytica had improperly accessed the data of 87 million Facebook users. -
  • The Federal Trade Commission voted this week to approve a roughly $5 billion settlement with Facebook Inc. -
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Google Chrome is testing global media controls in new build
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  • Google Chrome now introduced “Global Media Controls UI” in Canary version 77 and it can be enabled and seen from the toolbar. -
  • The new Play/Pause button works even better than the old clickable "speaker" button because it doesn't require the user tracking down the offending tab. -
  • To enable the GCM Play/Pause button, Chrome Canary users must enable the following flag: chrome://flags/#global-media-controls -

China installs spyware on tourists phones at border
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  • Border agents have been requiring tourists to hand over their phones for inspection at the Xinjiang border. -
  • Border agents install a spyware app onto phones that collects text messages, contacts, pictures, videos, documents, etc. -
  • The app checks for files related to Islamic terrorism on the phone -
  • The spyware is called BXAQ -

Ubuntu replacing Chromium deb with snap
6 months, 4 weeks ago by kyle | 5 facts | 1 comments | 18 votes

  • Initially, the transition will be happening exclusively for Ubuntu 19.10 (Eoan Ermine) users -
  • Eventually it will be rolled out to stable releases, starting with disco and then the LTSes -
  • The deb packages have been updated in eoan to install the stable snap on upgrade or new install -
  • Currently, Chromium needs to be build separetly for each Ubuntu release but the snap will allow one build to run on all releases -
  • Chromedriver has been patched so that existing Selenium scripts should keep working without modifications -

Google is killing YouTube’s “Hangouts on Air” this year
7 months ago by kyle | 4 facts | 1 comments | 18 votes

Tesla posts $408.3M loss despite record in electric car sales
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  • CEO Elon Musk said the automaker is on target to open a plant in China by the end of the year and is making plans for another in Europe. -
  • The company is also ramping up to start producing its next vehicle, the mid-priced Model Y SUV, later this year. -
  • Tesla said it will potentially be more profitable than the Model 3 sedan, with which he shares about three-quarters of its parts. -
  • Musk said the price as cut by $1,000 to partially offset the loss of an electric-vehicle tax credit. -
  • Production of the Model S and X totaled 14,517 in the second quarter, down about 41%.from a year ago. -

Pinebook Pro, the $199 Linux Laptop, Gets Keyboard & Bluetooth Spec Bumps
6 months, 3 weeks ago by kyle | 4 facts | 0 comments | 16 votes

  • As well as working on the PineBook Pro the fine Pine64 folks are also working on a $79 Linux-based tablet with detachable keyboard: the PineTab. -
  • The PineBook Pro will now offer Bluetooth 5 out of the box. -
  • The Pinebook Pro features a full-size keyboard — which on end-user models will be available in a choice of ISO or ANSI layout. -
  • Pine64, the company behind a range of popular single-board computers, have shared some more details on the upcoming PineBook Pro Linux laptop. -

Silex malware is bricking IoT devices
6 months, 3 weeks ago by kyle | 4 facts | 1 comments | 15 votes

  • "It's using known default credentials for IoT devices to log in and kill the system," Cashdollar told ZDNet in an email today. -
  • According to Anubhav, responsible for this destructive malware is a 14-year-old teenager going online by the pseudonym of Light Leafon. -
  • Light said the project started as a joke but has now developed into a full-time project, and has abandoned the old HITO botnet for Silex. -
  • The BrickerBot author, known under the pseudonym of the Janit0r, claimed he permanently or temporarily destroyed over ten million IoT devices. -

Craigslist annual revenue is $1 billion
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  • The 50-person company is owned entirely by its founder, Craig Newmark, and CEO Jim Buckmaster. -
  • AIM estimates Craigslist brought in $1.034 billion in 2018. -

California’s Bot Transparency Law Goes into Effect on July 1, 2019
6 months, 2 weeks ago by http | 4 facts | 1 comments | 11 votes

  • "in order to incentivize the sale of goods or services in a commercial transaction, or to influence a vote" -
  • only applies to platforms with more than 10 million monthly users -
  • The law will require bots to identify themselves in a manner that is “clear, conspicuous, and reasonably designed.” -
  • Not all bots are required to make disclosures only political or commercial ones. -

Nintendo to launch a Switch Lite console
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Apple releases macOS Catalina beta 6 to developers
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  • Apple today has released the sixth developer beta of macOS Catalina. -
  • Apple took several weeks to release macOS Catalina developer beta 6. -

Linux Kernel 5.2 released
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A sunken Soviet nuclear submarine is leaking unusually high levels of radiation
6 months, 1 week ago by kyle | 4 facts | 1 comments | 8 votes

  • "The levels we detected were clearly above what is normal in the oceans, but they weren't alarmingly high," expedition leader Hilde Elise Heldal. -
  • A sunken Soviet nuclear submarine is leaking an abnormally high amount of radiation, according to the Institute for Marine Research. -
  • The institute says the leak poses no risk to people or fish. -
  • Water samples from near the sub contained 800,000 times the normal amount of caesium. -

Steve Wozniak says most people should 'figure out a way to get off Facebook'
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  • Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak advised that most people "find a way to get off Facebook" -
  • Wozniak says he does not think using Facebook is worth the trade-off when it comes to personal privacy. -
  • Last year he left Facebook over privacy concerns, also adding that he would rather pay for Facebook then have his personal data shared with advertisers. -
  • It's not the first time Wozniak, who famously cofounded Apple in a garage with Steve Jobs, has spoken publicly about the topic of social media and privacy. -
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook also recently called online privacy "a crisis" -

The US Army will test armored robotic vehicles in 2020
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  • The US Army says that it will conduct live-fire tests of a new Robotic Combat Vehicle next year. -
  • The vehicles will be remote controlled by soldiers -
  • They will leverage "the latest tech in cameras, data display, GUI, drive-by-wire capability, unmanned aerial vehicle-provided video, & advanced comms" -

Google shuts down Nest app for Apple Watch and Wear OS
6 months, 1 week ago by kyle | 2 facts | 2 comments | 8 votes

  • The reason given by Google for the shut down is that “only a small number of people” used the watch apps to control their Nest. -
  • "Moving forward our team will spend more time focusing on delivering high quality experiences through mobile apps and voice interactions." said Google -

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