Apple removes ‘Quartz’ news app from Chinese App Store
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  • In an opinion piece published in the People’s Daily, the Communist Party slammed Apple for approving the controversial HKmap Live protest app. -
  • This isn’t the first time Apple has removed a news app from the Chinese App Store at the request of the government. -
  • In 2017, Apple removed the New York Times app from the App Store. -

South Park banned in China
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  • In response to the episode's criticism of the Chinese government, South Park has been entirely banned in China -

YouTube Further Expands Censorship on Its Platform
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Attorney General Bill Barr will ask Zuckerberg to halt plans for End-To-End encryption across Facebook's apps
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  • "We are writing to request that Facebook does not proceed with its plan to implement end-to-end encryption across its messaging services" -
  • Facebook asked to delay plans for end-to-end encryption in its messaging services until it can guarantee the added privacy does not reduce public safety. -

US and UK agree to force WhatsApp backdoor
4 months, 3 weeks ago by feanaro | 1 facts | 1 comments | 70 votes

  • A new treaty between the UK and the US will force Facebook to share encrypted WhatsApp messages with British police, according to reports. -

Google announces three new ways to hide your personal activity from Google
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  • The company has confirmed that it’s launching incognito mode for Maps, which will debut on Android this month before expanding to iOS “soon.” -
  • Google is introducing the same rolling auto-delete feature that can already automatically clear out your location history and web data at an interval. -

North Korean projectile lands in Japan’s exclusive economic zone, Tokyo says
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  • Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said the North fired two ballistic missiles from the country’s east coast. -
  • South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff did not immediately confirm what the weapons were, how many were fired or how far they flew. -

Deliveroo is exiting the German market
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  • U.K. on-demand food delivery startup Deliveroo is pulling the plug on its service in Germany. -
  • Another goodwill payment of 2 weeks’ pay, based on their average weekly earnings over the past 12 weeks -

TabNine: Autocompletion with deep learning
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  • We’re adding a deep learning model which significantly improves suggestion quality. -
  • The model also uses documentation written in natural language to infer function names, parameters, and return types: -
  • In the past, many users said they wished TabNine came with pre-existing knowledge, instead of looking only at the user’s current project. -
  • Deep TabNine requires a lot of computing power: running the model on a laptop would not deliver the low latency that TabNine’s users have come to expect. -
  • So we are offering a service that will allow you to use TabNine’s servers for GPU-accelerated autocompletion. -
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VMware says it’s looking to acquire Pivotal
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  • VMware today confirmed that it is in talks to acquire software development platform Pivotal Software. -
  • Pivotal shares rose as much as 72% in extended trading on Wednesday. -

GNOME adds drag-and-drop folder creation to applications overview
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  • GNOME developer Georges Basile Stavracas Neto is behind the change -
  • Previously the only way to create or edit app folders was using GNOME Software -

Apple software hints at Sept. 10 announcement for the next iPhone
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  • An image in Apple’s iOS 13 beta release to developers could offer a clue to its fall event date where it is expected to announce its newest iPhones. -
  • The image suggests Apple’s event could fall on Sept. 10 -

YouTube shuts down music companies’ use of manual copyright claims
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  • Without the option to monetize, some copyright owners may choose to leave very short or unintentional uses unclaimed. -
  • Our policies will forbid copyright owners from using our Manual Claiming tool to monetize creator videos with very short or unintentional uses of music. -

Blender 2.80 released
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  • Blender 2.80 features a redesigned user interface. -
  • A new dark theme and modern icon set were introduced. -
  • Keyboard, mouse and tablet interaction got a refresh with left click select as the new default. -
  • Templates and workspaces let you quickly get started with tasks like sculpting, texture painting or motion tracking and can be customized to create your own. -
  • A new Workbench render engine was designed for getting work done in the viewport, supporting tasks like scene layout, modeling and sculpting. -
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Ubuntu 19.10 will offer experimental ZFS file system option
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  • We announced 6 months ago that support for deploying Ubuntu root on ZFS with MAAS was available as an experimental feature. -
  • As has already been reported, spotted in our weekly team report on Ubuntu discourse, we are going to enhance ZFS on root support in the coming cycles. -
  • We want to support ZFS on root as an experimental installer option, initially for desktop, but keeping the layout extensible for server later on. -
  • Any existing ZFS on root user will automatically get those benefits as soon as they update to Ubuntu 19.10. -
  • Finally, we want to provide some best practices in terms of the ZFS dataset layout for various needs. -
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AMD lands Google, Twitter as customers with newest server chip
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  • AMD lands Google, Twitter as customers with newest server chip -

Libraries are fighting to preserve your right to borrow e-books
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  • For the first two months after a Macmillan book is published, a library can only buy one copy, at a discount. -
  • And Macmillan's statement, saying that people can just borrow e-books from any library, betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of how public libraries work. -
  • Sixty-four percent of US public libraries are members of consortia for e-book purchasing. -

General Electric accused of fraud
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  • Harry Markopolos has published a report claiming that accounting fraud “bigger than Enron and WorldCom combined” lurks within G.E. -
  • GE has been running a decades long accounting fraud by only providing top line revenue and bottom line profits for its business. -
  • To make it impossible to compare GE’s numbers across multi-year time periods, GE changes its Financial Statement reporting formats every few years. -
  • The report alleges that the conglomerate’s accounts conceal $38 billion in fraud, equivalent to 40 percent of its value. -

African leaders launch 55-nation trade zone
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  • Amaka Anku, Africa analyst at Eurasia group, said the deal was a positive step but AfCFTA was still "a long way from taking off." -
  • The trade zone will unite 1.3 billion people and create a $3.4 trillion economic bloc -
  • It took African leaders four years to reach an agreement on the continental free-trade zone -
  • Members have committed to eliminate tariffs on most goods, which will increase trade in the region by 15-25%. -
  • Free trade to start in July 2020; lift 90% of tariffs by 2030 -
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Southern California hit by earthquake
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  • A second 7.1 magnitude earthquake occured on July 6th, 2019. -
  • A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck Southern California on July 4th, 2019. -
  • LA Mayor Eric Garcetti said the city experienced "no significant damage." -
  • Los Angeles International Airport released a statement saying all runways were inspected with no reported damage to the airfield or the Sepulveda tunnel. -
  • Centered in a remote desert area some 150 miles northeast of Los Angeles, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. -
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